About us

Mesopotamia Software is a small, young company that develops technologies and tools for NextGen systems. Our goals:

    Provide contract services to game development studios, to help them develop more efficient PS3 systems.

    Design and develop tools and systems that help move the industry towards multi-threading and SPUs.

    Design scalable simulation-based systems and games that scale linearly with parallel processing power.



Mesopotamia Software’s founder and president Auday Hussein has a long history in video games:

hobby times : At the age of 12, started developing video games for MSX systems on a casual basis, with Z80 processor and the fantastic VDP (Video Display Processor) . Then eventually moved to develop casual games for Commodore Amiga system.

Early 1990s: Developed a generic engine for 680x0 and Amiga co-processors, utilizing Amiga modular design as well as abstraction and polymorphism in Assembly language. Developed two professional games for the system (which were not published due to the unfortunate demise of the Amiga platform).

Mid-1990s: Began developing PC games.

1999: Began working with EA Canada, developing NBA Live titles on PS2 and XBox (NBA Live 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004).

2003: Worked with Relic Ent (THQ Canada) to develop animation/physics system and multi-threading architecture for the Outfit and COH  games.

2006: Worked with Slant Six Games to develop multi-threading architecture, camera system, and Havok physics for SOCOM  Confrontation title.

2008: Completed three consecutive contracts with Los Angeles-based Pandemic Studios, to move the animation system to SPUs and to help optimize the performance and memory footprint of the PS3 SKU of the Lord Of The Rings Conquest title.

At present, Mesopotamia is undertaking design  and development of a Playstation3 architecture that takes full advantage of the SPU’s power.


Unleash the SPU’s mighty power!

At Mesopotamia Software, we believe that currently marketed PlayStation3 games are only demonstrating the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the mighty power of PS3 and SPUs. While other NextGen platforms have already reached, or are at least very close to reaching, their maximum potential, PS3 will slowly unfold its capabilities — as engineers learn how to revolutionize its  design to take full advantage of SPU super-power.

Our history of games development with the late (but never forgotten) Commodore Amiga platform, which was well ahead of its time, is a huge asset. It encourages us to look beyond the current limits and think outside the box – and envision the future of PS3 power. Ten years ago, the engine we designed for Amiga system utilized the full power of Amiga co-processors. It made the system run like a nicely cooperative and highly synchronized string quartet. Today, our vision for the PS3 is even more ambitious. We’re building an engine that will run like an orchestra, conducted by the wise and experienced yet humble PPU, and animated by the young, motivated and brilliant SPUs.

Our contract services include:

Multithreading/SPU architecture
Profiling and threads analyses
Performance and memory optimization
Debugging critical crashes and thread locks on XBox360 and PS3 (PPU/SPU)
Havok integration, optimization, tuning, multithreading/SPUfing
 , debugging
PhysX integration
Animation system
Camera system
Gameplay development
High-level rendering (no RSX or shaders)


Contact Us:

U.S.                  310-500-9372

Auday Hussein